Going Under

When I had surgery on my hand, I was terrified.  I was the first person in my family to ever have surgery.  I was scared shitless.  Who knew that doing a favor would cause me to severe 2.5 tendons in my right hand. In the end, surgery went well and I have 99% use of my right hand back.  However, I could not help remember how scared I was the days leading to surgery.

Every time I hear a friend going into surgery, I can’t help but remember how scared I was.  All I want to do is tell that friend that everything will be alright, surgery will go well and you’ll come out better than ever.  It’s nice having someone who has been there before.  Even though I didn’t have someone when I went under,  I can at least help my friends.  Molly had surgery today and Erica’s dog will have it tomorrow.  It will all go well and everything will be fine.  You’re in my prayers.


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