Epic Fail Boat


That’s right folks!  That’s my key in 2 pieces.

I somehow epically managed to not only break my key to enter my building, but I also managed to lock myself AND EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING out!

Oh but it gets better!

So I called the landlord and told her the situation.  All I wanted to do was to tell her that 1. my key broke and I needed a new one and 2. to get buzzed in so I can get a pair of pliers so I can pull the key out.  You wouldn’t think that’s so hard right?


The landlord goes off and bitches me out saying that I’m fucking screwed and locked outside for the night.  She then adds that I’m an idiot because I used the wrong key and that’s why it broke off.  But wait, there’s more.  She finishes it off saying that no locksmith will come on a Sunday evening to fix the lock and now everyone in the building is screwed and they will all hate me.

Umm…excuse me?

Thankfully, after 25 minutes being locked outside with 2 other people, who were very sympathetic and told me that the front door was having issues lately, someone exited the building and let us in.  The key was removed from the lock and all was well.  That is until I called to update the landlord of the situation.

“Hey landlord, I’m IN my apartment and the key has been removed from the lock.”

“Oh?  Great!”

“Umm…I’m IN my apartment so that means that I used the right key and it broke.”

“Well that’s good then because now people can go inside.”

“So I have proof here that it was the outside door key that broke.”

“You’ll get a new key tomorrow.  Bye.”


Yeah, I’m still very pissed off right now.  Please excuse me while I sip on some hard liquor and look for a new place without an asshole of a landlord.

P.S. We would’ve have used the back door except that locked changed recently.  Hence my tweet a few weeks back.


5 thoughts on “Epic Fail Boat

  1. DUDE! the key think happened to me too one time! I cried. Literally. I looked at the broken key and I cried. Why? Because it was the car key…and I was using my friends car. Awesome!

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I feel your pain.

  2. man this would have pissed me off so much. this def would have been one of those moments where im so mad I have to go get a manicure while I’m crying. THATS bad… : )

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