This is my response of writing prompt from 20 Something Writers.

It was a blistery cold December night.  We’ve been dating for a year and yet this was the first time since we started to date that I was nervous and scared when we were together.

After our cocktails and fine cheese in the Signature Lounge on top of the John Hancock, we moved from our table to two empty spots by the window.  We could see the whole world below us; well, Chicago at least.  The warm yellow city glow reflected the world both known and unknown.  Steam puffed from buildings alludes to the intense cold temperatures outside.  The ant-like cars raced along the highways signaling life of this world on this winter night.

You were sitting to my left as we both gazed upon this world.  My eyes kept on shifting between the world below and the world that is besides me, until I couldn’t help but only look at you.  You were smiling as you continued to look.  I knew you had a wonderful evening, and so did I; however, I couldn’t help but feel afraid.

As we sat there, gazing between the view of the city and each other’s faces (your twinkling eyes were shining extra bright this night), I noticed that my heart started to race.  I couldn’t explain it, but I knew something was about to happen.  I was scared; no terrified.  It was something big.

You then grabbed the candle on the table and started to play with it.  Twirling it around, the light reflected off our faces and your ever beautiful eyes.  You asked for my camera as you tried to capture the twinkling light of the candle.  It was then when I realized that you had forever captured me.

“I’m truly in love with you.

I knew that I loved you for a long time, but it was at that moment that true love hit.


I wished I said that to you that night.


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