The Next Chapter


Our lives can be seen as a novel.  Each year, period or significant moment of our lives can be divided into a chapter.  As we advance through life, one chapter completes while another one is waiting to be written.  Like every new chapters, there are many blank pages to be filled with stories, adventures and bad jokes.  Yet, the hardest part is starting.

I don’t know what the chapter will be about or the title, but I hope it’s one to remember.

Photo Credit: MilllkMaid


8 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. I LOVE that picture… I’ve bought so many journals over the years, but ironically enough, this e-journal is the only one I’ve ever filled. 😉

  2. i love starting a new journal because it usually means I’m starting fresh.

    ironically, my last two journals were started after break ups. i can’t believe i’m on my fourth!

  3. this is so true. i always buy pretty journals but never write in them because i don’t want to ‘ruin it’. i guess that’s how i approach life too 😦

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