In Need of a Light

I never smoke anything in my life, ever.  No cigarettes, no cigars, no pipes, no hookahs and no drugs; shocking but true.  However, I can never explain this phenomenon.

Why do I have cigarette cravings?

It first started four years ago when I went camping & rock climbing.  Woke up the next morning, walked out of the tent and BAM!  “Man, I need a smoke!” Ever since then, about once a month I have this weird random craving for a cigarette.  It comes at random times of day and doesn’t matter what I’m doing.  I just want a smoke.

No one in my family smokes.  My dad quit cold turkey when I was born (this is why I never smoked anything).  I’m not surrounded by smoking friends or colleagues.  So what’s the deal?  Anyone else experience this weird phenomenon or something similar?


11 thoughts on “In Need of a Light

  1. It is weird. I just don’t understand how you can crave something you have never had. If you don’t even know what it tastes/feels like, how do u know that’s what you are craving.

  2. Well, I smoked for 25 year. Quit about 15 years ago. And there are still times when I CRAVE a smoke. Maybe you are channeling a former smoker.

  3. Yea, about 7 drinks in, I all-of-a-sudden think I am a smoker and run around the bar trying to find a cigarette. I have no idea what I do this. Then I go outside to “smoke” it, don’t inhale properly at all, get bored, and go back inside.

    Who knows.

  4. i dont smoke cigarettes but sometimes when i’m at a bar and I see some sexy guy smoking a cigar (cigar NOT cigarette) i get this incredible urge to jump him…and i must contain myself.

    but yeah…guys who smoke are a total turnoff, except for the occasional cigar.

  5. I’ve never smoked anything in my life, and I’m the exact opposite. The smell of smoke makes me sick to my stomach, and triggers my asthma. God, I sound like an old woman. Ha.

  6. good for your for never having tried to smoke anything ever. i tried ciggs but i the taste of it. i don’t have cravings for it and it’s really weird that you do. well all i can say is don’t ever give into those cravings… it won’t be worth it.

  7. So maybe this means that you and I are weird people, but I was expecting more people to confess to this. 🙂

    I have smoked things now, but when I was in high school, having never smoked anything, I had a dream that I was going through my normal routine and smoking periodically. The next few days it felt strange not having a cigarette in my hand. I got over it.

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