Oh the Joy

brewingbeerLast week, I received a surprise package from my old college housemate of mine.  He got me The Complete Joy of Home Brewing after hearing that I acquired a 5 gallon carboy.

Now I am no means am a home brewer or a brew master, but I do need a new hobby.  Seeing that I’ve been dubbed as a beer snob, why not try to brew something that will entice my beer palate?  My biggest issue now is figuring out what should I brew first.  Should it be a wheat or a pale ale?  Pilsner or a stout?  Oh the choices are endless.  It’s going to be one good Oktoberfest.

Though there is one slight problem.  I still need the rest of the stuff.  Gotta work on that.


7 thoughts on “Oh the Joy

  1. I’ve never attempted homebrewing, but I’ve always thought about it. I believe there’s a lot of cleaning/sterilization involved which probably makes me to lazy to ever try, lol.

    I hope to read more about your adventures in brewing!

  2. …Oh, and try not to get hurt. I’ve heard a horror story or two about people attempting to brew their own beer than having some not-so-fabulous disasters erupt at their homes.

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