Where the Magic Happens

Ever been to a place where you know a certain celebrity patronized before s/he became famous?

It could be a coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore or neighborhood pub; some place simple where no one would fathom this big celebrity would ever go.  It’s a place where the person got her/his inspiration.  A place to get away from the chaos.  A place to find peace and simplicity.

Ever go to that place and wonder what that person saw that changed everything?  It’s the place where all the magic happened.

I’m currently sipping my triple espresso at Cafe Selmarie in Lincoln Square, looking out the window towards the Book Cellar, wondering what New York Times best seller John Green saw that made him realize he was meant for something more.  I wonder if and where I will find my magical place where it will happen.


One thought on “Where the Magic Happens

  1. That’s a really interesting thought! I’ve thought things like that before while walking around Seattle. I’m sure we romanticize it, though. They probably didn’t think these places were magical.

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