Call Me Juan

The first time I ever had Mexican food was at Taco Bell when I was about 10 years old.  For the longest time, that’s how I thought Mexican food tasted like: greasy, hits the spot and the occasional gassy aftermath.  Because of my limited palate, I never really enjoyed Mexican food.  I always thought that it was okay but not that great.  It wasn’t until Chipotle came along (Oh, Chipotle Sundays) where I began to start digging Mexican food.  Yet, there was something missing.  The Mexican that I am use to was Americanized.  It all changed when I made my first Mexican friend.

Sergio & I knew each other for over five years.  We both started out as interns and then was brought on full time by our current employers.  He would always make fun of me for bringing in Asian food everyday and I would tease him about his tacos.  That is, until I had them.  WOW.

Now I still enjoy Chipotle but dear God, real Mexican food is like heaven in my mouth.  Where have I been?  From real tacos with carnitas and avocado slices to fresh tostados at my finger tips and shortly then after, my belly, I cannot believe the culinary joys that I have been missing out.

Needless to say, I had to make them for myself.  Now, I’m not a great cook (though my friends would argue otherwise), but when I see something that I want, I will try my best to make it.  Sure enough, Sergio told me the kind of meat (bola) to get and from there, I just knew what I need to do to make real Mexican tacos.   Let’s just say that this Asian can now be consider a Mexicasian.

With my new found love for Mexican food, I just need to figure out what else I can cook and eat because I have had Mexican for 5 days this week.  Heh


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