Haunted Mansion & Baby Elephant

This was my dream last night:

It was a mix between a bad Steven King novel and Are You Afraid of the Dark.  Apparently, I found a secret hidden fireplace passage from my parents house to this creepy old haunted mansion on the east coast.  This mansion once housed an affluent family, only to have them all murdered on a stormy night.  The mansion was then transformed into an mental asylum, where the residents went a muck and another massacre took place.

So here I was in this abandon and haunted mansion where ghosts and random things were floating around and chasing after me.  After running and hiding for 2 days, I came to realized that my purpose in the mansion was to save all the people, who also found the secret passage, but were stuck in the house.  I became a modern day (versus the 80s version) Ghostbuster, except without any cool traps or proton guns.  No, I had my feet (to run away from the ghosts), an ancient metal sword (because apparently I can kill ghosts) and any random object that I could throw (except those objects went through the ghosts).

I managed to save the dozen or so lost people from the crazy house, only to be trapped by the boss ghost before we could get out.  I don’t remember what happened next, but somehow a fire was started.  What still befuddles me is the fact that these ghosts were burning to their deaths (if that’s possible) because of the fire.

We escaped from the mansion fire and sought safety by standing on a wooden barge that had a crane attached to it.  Not sure why we did that, but with the weight of everyone on the barge and the crane, it began to sink.  Oh, and then a baby elephant appeared on the barge at that moment.

We managed to push this huge crane into the water, only to find out that the crane floats.  But you know what doesn’t float?  The baby elephant.

So here we were trying to figure out how to save this baby elephant from drowning.  We managed to find a long peice of cloth that we wrapped under the elephant and used the crane to hold it up as if it was sitting on a swing.  I’m sure the physics of this is not possible, but it worked.

The dream ended here.  But seriously, ghosts and a baby elephant?


3 thoughts on “Haunted Mansion & Baby Elephant

  1. Dude. Tell your subconscious to get its facts straight. Elephants can swim quite well. I saw it on Discovery Channel. And Disney’s Tarzan. But I’m really basing my education off Disney’s Tarzan.

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