VB6 – Phampant’s Day Off

I woke up…eventually.

Ate breakfast while checking my email & Twitter.

Grabbed my bike.

Biked along the Chicago lakefront.

Went to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

At the MCA, I saw a seal,

a spy kit,

a wheel barrel of popcorn,

the Buckminster Fuller exhibit,

a light display using lamps,

and large fish.

I then went to the Water Tower

and viewed a Chicago fire gallery.

I walked down Magnificent Mile and admired the stones on the Tribune Tower,

until I was distracted by the free Peep show.

The Peep show was quite exotic.

After the show, I bumped into the American Gothic.  They’re traveling on vacation.

As I continued to walk down Michigan Ave, I passed the Art Institute.  I should go there Thursday night when it’s free.

I was meeting God for lunch when I noticed the Sante Fe building in their creativity for their support of the olympics.

This is the elevator in God’s building.  It’s shiny.

This is the view from God’s condo.  He’s living large.


After lunch with God, I walked through Millennium Park.  I still find the face fountain creepy.

I can’t wait for summer concerts in the Priztker Pavilion to start.

And of course, I had to see the bean.

So that was what I saw today.  How was your day?

Oh, I almost forgot.  The only thing that was missing today was this:


8 thoughts on “VB6 – Phampant’s Day Off

  1. That wheelbarrel of popcorn is pretty sweet, but its no pile of candy in the corner of a room.

    Get a library card and go to the museums for free whenever you want.

  2. I’m so sad that I don’t live in the Chicago area! That looks like one cool day, and it sure beats my day of eating, a nap, and watching soap operas.

    Nice peep show.

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