First Day of Adulthood

I woke up today and realized today is my first day of adulthood.

But John, you’ve been out of college and in the real world for almost 3 years now.

That is true imaginary blog voice.  But today is different.

Because it’s Holy Thursday!

True…but that’s not it.

It’s not?

Would you please stop interrupting so I can finish?

But then this blog post would be depressing.  I’m here to cheer things up!

Hey look over there!  What’s that?



And people say ADD was a bad thing.

Today is the first time since kindergarten that I do not have a spring break.  After 19 consecutive years of having spring break, I am no longer a carefree student child.  I am now an adult.

17 years of schooling and 2 years of teaching later, I never realized how special those school breaks were until today.  For the past 3 years, I traveled during spring break (Paris, Madison, St. Louis, Dallas, Boston and Washington D.C.).  This year, I will not be spending that time away, but instead I’ll be in a cubicle. Welcome to the first day of the rest of my life.

However, I cannot help but wonder, where I would be right now if I still had spring break.  Where would you go?


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