This is a 20SomethingWriters prompt.

I was a junior in high school when I got hooked on one of my favorite TV shows of all time: Digimon(You laugh but I would still watch it if I could.) I was enthralled by the show and always wished I had my own Digital Monster as a pet/friend.  (Personally, I wanted an Agumon.) My friends laughed at me but I knew they secretly watched the show too.  (I caught Terry humming the theme song once.)

I would check out the official Digimon site and then the unofficial sites each day.  I always wanted to be a contributor (evidence of me being a NIT: nerd in training).  One of my favorite site was digital-monsters.com (yes, I remember the URL) and they had a online RPG using a BBS.  I signed up and started to play.

It was there when I began to get involved with “being online” and made friends with people, including the administrator/designer of the BBS.  Sure enough, after my Thanksgiving meal 2001, he appointed me as administrator with him.  Next thing I knew, he asked me to redesign the game and take over.  W00T!  I was a big shot!

Being the head guy at the RPG, I would “hire” people to help me moderate the board and the game.  We would have games, events and random story lines that I would create for the whole RPG to play.  I had over 3,000 people on their edge of their seat, wondering what awesome stuff I would do next.   It was on the RPG that I met (URL and then 4 years later, IRL) one of my best friends.

During my Digimon fandom days, I started to create a Digimon database called, the Digibase (creative, I know).  I was able to catalog over 400 Digimons.  Unfortunately, it never went live because I had a few competitor websites who kept on stealing my ideas.

To this day, I still love Digimon.  I found full episodes on YouTube back in the pre-LonelyGirl15 days.  I was an archivist, so I was scanning pictures dating back to the 1920s, while watching Digimon.  Oh, how I wish I could go back to those fun days.  I wanted to be Tai and have my own Agumon.  What was your childhood animated character that you wish you were or wanted to have?


3 thoughts on “Digimon

  1. I’ll send you a Furby. You can name it Agumon.

    I had no idea how involved you were with the admin side of the website. I’m either really impressed, or have a serious case of indigestion. I’m betting on the former.

  2. I still love Digimon, too. It’s my favorite anime, although when it first aired I didn’t know what “anime” meant! I didn’t get into the online fan communities until it was too late, though. That RPG of yours sounds like it was fun! I have so many favorite Digimon that I don’t know which one I would want as a partner: Gabumon, Veemon, Renamon, Biyomon, Beelzemon…okay, maybe not him, but he’s still cool. My class teased me mercilessly for watching a kids’ show – even though we were still kids. I was the only fan (the only one who admitted it, of course), but I’m glad I never gave it up.

    • I don’t know why WordPress didn’t leave a link, but I do have a blog. My name should link to it now. There are some Digimon related posts there.

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