Sprechen Sie Deutsches?

I had the pleasure of hosting my old German neighbor these past few days.  Björn was in town for a training seminar and choose to come a few days early to hang out and catch up with friends.  He use to live down the hall from me, he asked if he could stay at my place and relive his Chicago days.  Naturally, I was very happy to have him stay over.

I never studied abroad in college, so I have always been jealous of my friends who have friends abroad.  Little did I know that right after college, I will have a German living down the hall from me who I would befriend.  3 years later, we still keep in touch and hang out when he comes into town.

I thoroughly enjoy talking to people from different countries, comparing, discussing and sharing our culture to another.  Perhaps this is why I love traveling so much; I get to experience a whole new world, culture and lifestyle.  Sometimes we get too stuck in our own ways, city and country that we forget the global community.  There’s a whole world to share and explore; a whole world to live and experience.

So this weekend, Björn, a colleague of his and I went to the Chicago Blackhawks game.  It was Björn’s first hockey game, his colleague (if I could remember his name, pronounce it and spell it, I’d tell you) first American hockey game and my first playoff game for any sport.  It was a first for all of us.  We each experienced something new and were able to share it with each other.  We would talk about how things differ in Germany versus America in terms of sporting events, like teams, the crowds and the cheers.  It was a great cultural exchange.

Björn, Björn’s colleage & I at the Blackhawks Game

Speaking of cultural exchange, it was to have Björn over and share part of the American culture with him.  However, I realized that I’m way overdue in another foreign trip.  It’s been 3 years since I’ve been to Europe and I really want to go to the UK and Ireland this June.  Anyone want to join me?


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