20SB Blog Swap 4

20sbbs4It’s the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap 4.  You can read my post at La Belle Ecrivaine.

Hi, I’m Jenn Belle from over at La Belle Ecrivaine. I’ve been a blogger for over a year. Lately, my posting frequency has slowed down because I started a new job. Before I started that job, I had five weeks off. During that period, I spent a lot of time playing video games. I’m a nerd, with a group of equally nerdy friends, so gaming is a big part of my culture. Over the years, I’ve gleaned a lot from video games, so I’m about to share some of that knowledge with you.

So, here you go: Top ten things I’ve learned from video games!

10. The best wares are found on suspicious-looking hobos found in dark alleys and underground caves. Who doesn’t want to pack a Striker in case those parasitic zombies start coming after you?

9. It’s perfectly acceptable, and encouraged, to litter while driving. Next time you’ve drained your coffee cup, throw it out the window in the hopes of foiling the driver trying to pass you on the double solid line.

8. If you see food on the ground, eat it. Especially true in circumstances where you find wild mushrooms and green spotted eggs. You never know what they might give you; either another life, or e.coli and painful stomach cramps!

7. In order for a woman to be good at martial arts, she needs to have big breasts or wear skimpy clothes. Women who have both traits kick more ass.

6. If you’re ever low on funds, crack open your neighbour’s ceramic pots or mow the lawn for some gold coin or precious stones.

5. If you want to be (near) invincible and take down your opponents in one hit, all you need to do is press Down, Up, Right, Up, Left + Select at the start of your day. (Points to the first person to guess the game)

4. Violence solves everything! Have a beef with a turtle? Kick it! Don’t like eating beets? Uproot them and chuck them at foes! Is an evil overlord trying to turn a pastoral community into a legion of cannibalistic parasite surrogates? Throw grenades at his head! Problems solved.

3. You can’t rely on worldly leaders who posess mass military knowledge and manpower to stop the world from ending. Instead, trust a rag-tag group of young teens with limited resources and raging hormones to stop mooning over each other long enough to rid the world of evil.

2. If you have life-threatening injuries, go to the nearest inn and sleep it off. Suffering from a nasty poisoning or a bout of death? Book a room for a rest and you’ll wake up healed and refreshed! (Carrying a tent will reduce the need to find a nearby inn, in case of emergency.)

1. You will not die as long as you have one gold ring.

I’m a gold mine for nerdy knowledge, so if you’re looking for more nuggets of nerd info, come find me at my blog!


3 thoughts on “20SB Blog Swap 4

  1. “10. The best wares are found on suspicious-looking hobos found in dark alleys and underground caves.”

    I’m going to try this in my neighborhood. It sounds about right.

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