This is my 400th blog post!

Guess what I did to celebrate this milestone?


Well, to be more clear, I bought tickets to travel between European cities in June.  I still need to buy tickets from Chicago to Dublin (and find lodging).  That will be done before the week is over.  However, guess how much I paid for 5 cities?  $101.82; that’s US dollar folks!  And to make things even more shocking, I am not allowed any checked baggage.  I will only have a carry-on for my two weeks of travels.  AND as of this moment, I’m going to be traveling alone.  Also, I only speak English.  Wow.  Yeah.  I’m in shock.

But enough of me spazzing out.  Here are the dates and places where I will be traveling:

June 6-8: Brussels, Belguim

June 9-11: Rome, Italy & Vatican City, Vatican

June 12-14: Frankfurt, Germany

June 15-17: London, England

June 18-21: Dublin, Ireland

I will be going to 5 different countries in 2 weeks and spending 3 full days in each city.  For YEARS I have dreamt of backpacking Europe one summer.  It’s happening summer 2009.

Also, if any of you happen to be in those city the same time or want to join me, please do!  Company would greatly be appreciated.  Either way, I’m doing something different and creating my own adventure this summer.


11 thoughts on “OMFG!

  1. Oooh, Belgium. The land of my ancestors. Pick me up some chocolate and beer while you’re there. You think I’m kidding?

    I hope you enjoy your trip. I’d love to do something like this. Paul and I might do so for our actual honeymoon next summer.

    And one last thing. Is it just me, or did Create Your Own Adventure stories always have dragons in them?

  2. 400 posts. That’s something to celebrate. Beers @ my place. Oh wait, you can’t make it, so I’ll go ahead and drink yours. Shucks.

    And I’m excited for your trip in a “I’m so jealous that I’m not going” kind of way. I anticipate many pictures while you’re gone. I want a picture a day. Got it? GOOD!

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