The Wedding Game

Freshman year of college, I was part of the most awesome (and troublesome) floor ever.  Formally, we were known as Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (PAR) Hall  in Saunders 4.  But, everyone knew us as the S.U.C.M.A. Cocks; the Saunders Urbana Collegiate Men’s Athletics Cocks.  We were so awesome that sophomore year, we moved together as a pack into a new dorm with rooms adjacent to each other.  Then for the rest of college we all stayed close and kept up in our S.U.C.M.A. ways.  Needless to say, after college, we’re still keeping in touch.

Two Aprils ago, I received an email from one of the SUCMA guys asking if we would like to participate in a wedding game.  He suggested we all put in $100 and guesses when each person would get married.  Then in 25 years, we would have a reunion, catch up, remember our hay days and figure out who wins the wedding game.  We were all in.

Today, I found out that another SUCMA guy is now engaged.  That make it two cocks getting married this year!  (No pun intended.)  I couldn’t help but look at my wedding game sheet to see how I was doing.  I’m not doing so well.

On the bright side, I predicted that I will get married in 2014.  I still have 5 years to go.


3 thoughts on “The Wedding Game

  1. Lurker here!

    I just thought I’d say: I spent a lot of time on Saunders 4 during my sophomore year (’04-05, for reference; freshman year was spent mostly on Blaisdell 4)! I was one of the girls who got honorary resident status, including bathroom/shower privileges (though I don’t know how that’s not more of a curse). Damn, that was a good time. Now I’m all nostalgic.

    (PS- I was an Allen hippie, like Joy.)

  2. My friends have been marrying off too. I have an impressive collection of bridesmaid dresses.The friends that did get married surprised me… If I would have played the wedding game, I’d be out 100 bucks since I’d have everyone getting married in 2020.

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