Moving Music

The last time I went to a concert and was moved by the music was when I saw the Decemberists on a humid July evening in 2007 with 15,000 other people in Millennium Park.  Then came tonight when I saw Bowerbirds at my favorite concert venue in Chicago, Schubas.

Opening for Bowerbirds was La Strada.

La Strada

Accordian, violin, cello, guitar, bass and drums…what more could you ask for?  They were different but quite good.  It was a mix between Nickelcreek and Neutral Milk Hotel.  It was like candy for the ears.

Then came the Bowerbirds.  The music filled the small venue as 60 of us edged to the stage.  First the guitar, then came the accordian, followed by the bass and the drums. It was like magic.


The music didn’t just echo the room, it moved the body, the soul, the spirit.  Concerts can be fun, enjoyable and entertaining.  But then there are those few and far between that would move you, send chills down your spine and making you want for more.  The Bowerbirds did that and left me wanting more.


One thought on “Moving Music

  1. I’m still on an emotional high from Blue October. Their incredible lyrics and addicting music have gotten me through some rough times. Glad you had a good time. Nice pics.

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