The Little Blue Bag

It’s a given that a majority of girls go “ga-ga” to almost hysterical when they see the little blue bag (LBB).  Whether the girl is a recipient of it or sees someone carrying it, the reaction is all the same.  *swoon*  Heck, even guys react to the sight of the LBB.  Though, guys reaction may not be the same as girls, they recognize the importance of the bag.  Still don’t know what I’m talking about?  It’s the Tiffany’s little blue bag to which I’m referring.


Sergio and I were walking down Michigan Ave today towards the Nordstrom’s building for lunch (Mmm…Mezza Grille), when we noticed this young and sharply dressed man casually carrying the LBB.  We gave him the same look like everyone on Michigan Ave did when they saw him walked by, “That’s one lucky girl.”

So there he was, walking in front of us as we were on our quest for food, when a couple things caught our eyes.  Sergio noted that if it was him walking with the LBB on a crowded street, he wouldn’t be lightly holding it and casually swaying it.  I noticed that during one of the swings, the bag caught the ray of the sun and it was very clear that nothing was inside.  Something was up.

We both noted that he did not exit Tiffany’s when we walked by the store; in fact, he was walking in front of us since we got to Michigan Ave by the Water Tower.  Perhaps he put the item in his pants pockets?  But that too couldn’t be it because the item would have left an imprint on his slim pants.  (Yes folks, we checked out his pants, but only for the purpose of science and nothing else.)  He could have been robbed, but even one would easily notice the weight difference of the bag.  No, he was purposely walking down the Magnificent Mile with an empty LBB. He digging for looks of approval from random strangers as he proudly pranced along the street with the Tiffany’s bag.

Does anyone find this slightly odd and sad?  People have always pretended to be someone or something that they’re not, but whatever happened to being yourself?  Whatever happen to being happy with who you are without the need to fish for compliments and affirmation?  I know that even I am at fault of this false protrayal of self at times; as humans, we all can’t help it.  But have we sunk so low to use worthless props like a little blue bag to pretend to be someone we’re not?


10 thoughts on “The Little Blue Bag

  1. Having one of those bags is a big deal even if it didn’t have anything in it.

    I went to the store for my 20th birthday just to ogle everything, and when I noticed an empty bag in the trash can I asked the lady at the counter if I could take it home as a souvenir. And she said no. I should’ve just stolen it. And then I would’ve walked around Michigan Ave just like that guy, too.

  2. I think the bigger question is why the LBB matters at all anyway. I don’t much care where a piece of jewelry came from. Isn’t it supposed to be the thought that really counts?

    • The Little Blue Bag matters because it’s from Tiffany’s. And if you’re an Audrey Hepburn fan, you know that “nothing very bad could happen to you [at Tiffany’s].

    • That’s half of what this article is getting at. I try not to be shallow,but it’s the way of the world. If you got a piece of jewelry from Diva, yeah, sure it’s nice. You get one from Tiffany’s. That means lots of money,rich boyfriend, lots of love, lucky girl, the jewelery is better quality, kind of refelcts the quality of his love.
      This, I agree, is very sadly shallow and almost pathetic,but sometimes you have to remember it’s really not a perfect world.

  3. “we need worthless props to pretend we’re someone we’re not”. That’s hilarious. Since when does owning a paper bag “make you someone”. The shallowness isn’t with the guy carrying the bag, it’s with the idiots who care to judge him by it. Obviously it worked.

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