A Brief Note

I admit it.  I was that person.  I left my laundry in the dryer while someone else was waiting to have their clothes dried.  I’m sorry but I had a good reason (I was watching a Doctor Who spin off, Torchwood). Besides, I didn’t know someone was waiting for the dryer.  He showed up after I put my clothes in the dryer.  Additionally, I was only 10 minutes late!

Anyways, that’s besides the point.  The point is that I was beyond the 5 minute rule, so it is acceptable for someone to remove your clothing from the dryer and piling it up.  So when I came down to the laundry room, I saw a guy putting his clothes in one of my dryers.  I felt bad and apologized to him for my tardiness.  Then, I turned around to grab my pile of clothes only to find that they were all folded.

That’s right folks, a random guy folded my clothes.  But here’s the disturbing part, of all dryers that he could have chosen from, he took the one with my underwear.  He folded my underwear.  He had 3 dryers to choose from and he chose the one with my underwear.  I have another man’s hands touching my underwear.  Yeah…

Anyone else disturbed as I am?

P.S. Unlike the blog title, I do not wear tighty-whites.  I needed a good pun.


7 thoughts on “A Brief Note

  1. Wow. I hope he was a good folder and not a sloppy folder.

    Also, I would never bring myself to fold someone else’s laundry. If I was using a public washer and dryer, I’d wait my damn turn.

  2. Though part of me is touched that he folded them, the other part of me is equally as freaked out.

    Do you use fabric softener?

    The reason for my asking is because if you do, that increases the chance that he sniffed them.

    Just saying.

  3. All the more reason to get to my clothes on time. I think I miss the 5-minute window quite often. (I know I did today.) When I move people’s stuff I try to find the ones with blankets or something. I don’t want to fold clothes, especially not the personal bits.

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