Please Enter It Now/Can I Have Your Information Please?

“If you know your account/ticket/work order number, please enter it now.”

We all heard it before.  The programmed prompts asking you to enter a unique number so your support call can be queued and routed appropriately.  We all enter our unique numbers without question, in hopes that the person who answers our call will already have a heads up on our situation.  Expect, the person who answers never has the information we entered.  Ever noticed that?

Seriously folks, how many times have you made a support call, enter your unique case number as you’re waiting to be answered only to have the person on the other line to ask for it?

You would think that the point of entering those 5-12 digit numbers would force the tele-o-matic-puter to pull up your information for the customer support person.  This will then bypass the 5 minutes of awkwardness as you speak like a 5 year old while the person enters your information.  Except, that’s never the case; they always ask for it again.  Umm, excuse me?  You already have all my information.  I just want to tell you my problem and figure out what I need to do next.

It’s bad enough when I have to do it for my own personal stuff.  However, as an IT nerd person geek tech professional, I have to do this a few times a week, calling in for each ticket as I requests for parts.  I hear it on the recorded voice, “If you have your case number, please enter it now.” And then, I hear it from the person on the other line, “Can I have your case number please?”  Only then to have them proceed to ask me all of my contact information again.  For goodness sake, how many times do you need to ask for my name, address, telephone number, mother’s madien name, pin number, credit card number and social security…oh wait a minute.  CRAP!


8 thoughts on “Please Enter It Now/Can I Have Your Information Please?

  1. SO what happens if you don’t enter the number? Based on the way it’s worded, ostensibly it’s optional. I say skip it next time & see what happens…

  2. it’s ridiculous. it really is. but i never appreciated it until i was the victim of some stupid mail fraud. then having everyone on the other end of the phone be sure it was me made me feel much better.

  3. I never understood that either!!! One time I was calling to book a timeshare for myself that belongs to my parents. They asked my name, I told them, adn they said they had to speak with my mom to confirm I had permission to book. She wasn’t there, and they wouldn’t let me book it. I hung up, called back, when they asked for my name, I gave my mom’s name, and booked it. Idiots.

  4. I used to work for a call center, and we gave fake numbers to make people feel more important.

    Seriously, I used to always give out ID10T, until people caught on.

    Then, I used to give their SSN# backwards.

    My favorite was either giving really long alphanumeric codes like: 1H3Cd893cSw (while making sure to say the ‘lower case’ part)


    Spelling cool things on the phone:

    I am an asshat = File# 4 26 26 277428.


  5. It’s even worse when the company you need support from outsources that service to another COUNTRY and you get someone who doesn’t actually understand what you’re saying. I don’t care who answers my call or where they are from. But there’s no reason that someone who does NOT speak English well should be trying to help someone over the phone who ONLY speaks English. That’s my gripe…

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