A Hobbit’s Wedding

An epic trilogy.

This weekend I felt like I was living in the Shire, walking among my fellow hobbits.  Words could not describe how amazing and wonderful it was to be back to a place that I called home for 4 years.  For once, I came and left without any extra baggage or emotions, but only to enjoy myself and fall in love once again.

Friday, I drove down with the wonderful Miss Forbes whom I have known since my first weekend in college.  We caught up, recalled stories of old, exchanged jokes and shared our current situations, only to have our reunion cut short because we reached our destination.  Though I was late for the rehearsal (whoops), it didn’t matter too much because there wasn’t anything for me to do anyways.  The rehearsal dinner was held outdoors in an open field where family and friends gathered for a good old fashion BBQ and lots of good beer.   This was only a preview of the greatness that was forthcoming.

I arrive just after noon for the wedding because I wanted to have an opportunity to talk to the bride and groom about what they want.  They asked me to be their videotographer because they like my videos.  I was greatly honored though nervous because I never filmed a wedding before.  The last thing I wanted to do was to goof up their special day.  After receiving the camera from the bride’s family, find out that I didn’t have a tripod and there was not tape for the camera, I almost crapped in my pants.  Thankfully, my new nickname of MacGyver allowed me to think on my feet and improvise.  For the record, music stands make wonderful last minute tripods.

The wedding itself was beautiful.   Both the  bride & groom are dear friends to me.  I lived w/ Andy at Fever House, where we did anything and everything.  Our favorite past time was to drink beer in the late afternoon on the porch each day.  As for Amanda, I knew her since she was a freshman.  We then spend 2 years in Chicago together and I became her 2nd boyfriend as she would refer me.   I am truly blessed to have them in my life.  And yes, I as quite touched at the wedding.

Like most weddings, there is some down time before the reception, so my Quasar brother Gramke, along with Frodo & Rose threw the frisbee around on the quad.  It went from just tossing it around to seeing how many times Rose can’t catch the frisbee and ruin our catch streak.  Though fun, we were quite parched; let’s just say that we had a few drinks during the cocktail hour of the reception to quinche our thirst.

The tables of the reception were marked with names of places of significance to them.  They assigned me to the Shire.  Andy always called Fever House the Shire, so I (and the other Fever guys at the table) were quite touched.  That is until we found out that there was a table called Fever House a little ways over.  Hmm…anyways, the describe for our table was cute.  Though I’m not completely sure what they were implying.

The reception was fanastic and fun.  Dear friends of old and of far came to dance, party and drink the night away.  Speaking of drink, seeing how Andy is a beer connoisseur, spent a year in Kentucky and also spend a whole harvest season working at a winery, he made sure that he had an amazing selection of beer and bourbon for us to try.  But what cracked me up was his note to fine details with his close friends & family.  He made sure to include Stag beer for the reception.  All I have to say is that Stag is a classic.

You know that it’s a fun wedding when the people there all agree that the party needs to continue.  So after the reception, 20 of us went to our favorite establishment, Murphy’s, and continue to celebrate in honor of Andy & Amanda.  Add about 3 drinks and a car bomb, on top of what we had at the wedding, we were all sloshed but having a great time.  That is until hungry struck.

After finding out that Taco Bell and Steak ‘n Shake were closed, we decided to just hit up Taco Bell’s 24 hour drive thru.  We grabbed our food and drove to the hotel where a few were staying and crashed the lobby.  Drunken Taco Bell in a hotel lobby at 2:30 in the morning…YES!

All in all, this weekend was spectacular.

Congrats Andy & Amanda!

More photos here.


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