My Only Asian Friend

One of my dear friends said to me this weekend, “Did you know that you’re my only Asian friend?”

I laughed.  What she said was not only funny, but ironic.  My friend also happens to be Asian and she said it to me, a Twinkie.  What’s a Twinkie, you may ask?  A Twinkie is someone who is yellow (i.e. Asian) on the outside but white (i.e. Caucasian) on the inside.   In other words, I’m a white person trapped in an Asian body.

The weird thing was that I grew up in a ghetto-tastic grammar school where 5/6 of the student body was of some minority background.  Most white students were definitely of the “Ghet-to” (that’s ghetto w/ a capital G folks) crowd, so they were basically minorities in my eyes.  I mean, how many 8th graders do you know graduates 3 months pregnant?  High school came around and at least 1/2 of the student body was Hispanic or Asian.  (We had a token Black kid, but he transferred out.)  I’ve been surrounded by minorities growing up, but here I am, a Twinkie.  Funny how that works.

I turned to my friend and told her, “You know that I’m the least Asian person you know, right?  I’m basically as White as an Asian can get.”

She laughed and added, “Me too!”

I’m not sure why we did this next, but we pinkie swore that us Twinkies need to stick together.

* Note: This whole conversation may or may not have happened while we were completely drunk.


4 thoughts on “My Only Asian Friend

  1. Wow. I’ve never heard of a “Twinkie” BUT I do remember my Korean friend being called “White-washed” before. Thinking this is the same thing..

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