Travel Tips #911: Losing Your Debit Card

You’re at the train station in Brussels trying to pay for your ticket when you realize, BEEP! you can’t find your debit card.  After you searched all your bags, pockets and mind trying to remember where it could be, you come to the realization that you lost it.  What to do?

Step 1: Take a deep breath.  Step aside and check your bags one more time.

Step 2: Now that you confirmed that you no longer have your debit card, take another deep breath and stay calm.

Step 3: Call your debit card company and tell them that you lost it.  Have them cancel it and send you a new card to your home.

Step 4: Laugh it off.  You’re only on day 2 of your 18 day trip to Europe and you lost your debit card.  So what if you can’t take out cash any more?  There’s always a loop hole.

Option 1: Call your credit card company and confirm that you can get a cash advance.  If so, use your credit card as your debit card too.  You just have to remember the pin that you entered 18 months ago.

Option 2: If you don’t remember your pin, call home and ask someone to wire you money.

Option 3: If you don’t want people to wire you money, ask around.  See someone paying stuff in cash?  Explain to them your situation; offer to pay their purchase on your card and have them pay you back in cash.

Option 4: Break open your emergency cash stash.  Only use cash when needed and charge everything else.

Step 5: Continue on your travels knowing that everything is alright.  It’s just a minor set back.  Go on and have fun with the rest of your trip.


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