Rules When Sleeping in a Train Station

Rules when sleeping in a train station:

  1. Make sure your wallet, money & password are securely placed in your deep pants pockets.  This way, if someone wants to rob you, they must grope you.  Guys, potention gropers might stay away if they see you have a major case of the morning wood.  Pop a vigra just in case.  Girls, the gropers might get carried away.  If that is the case, you’ll soon realize it such that you can wake up and scream for help.
  2. Bundle up.  When sleeping in a drafty station, it’s important to stay warm.
  3. Find a way to strap your luggage to you.  If it’s a bag, use it as a pillow while you have your hand wrapped around the handle.  If it’s a suitcase, sit on it or lean against it.  This case if they steal it, they will have to knock you off.
  4. Find a well lit area with other people who have no other choice but to join you.  Avoid corners and sleeping bums.
  5. Read a book, drink pop or find a way to keep yourself occupied.  The longer you stay awake, the less of a chance someone can pick pocket you.
  6. Relax, lay down on a bench or lean against your luggage & sleep.  Make sure to set your alarm.

4 thoughts on “Rules When Sleeping in a Train Station

  1. The groping advice is spot on. Unless being groped while sleeping is nothing extraordinary. For someone else. Not for me, of course.

  2. Poor John! I imagine it was a horrible night, one of these “once but never again” adventures… Very constructive and helpful way to deal with it though;). I wish you tons of more comfortable experiences during the rest of your trip, thanks for your CS reference and oh, we’ve been laughing a lot with your headless Brugge tour:-D!

    Have a great trip,

    ps: exams went fine for all of us, atmosphere is more relaxed now, sleeping was also really helpfull;-)

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