The Best Adventure Yet

An excerpt from my travel journal during my European tour this past June…

Eighteen days ago, I was nervous and excited.  I embarked on an adventure to fulfill my dreams.  Scared as I was, I was smiling then.

Eighteen days later, I am as happy as I could remember.  I have grown.  I have fallen in love.  I danced in the streets and drank the sweet nectar of each place I’ve been.  And just like eighteen days ago, I’m still smiling.  It’s the same smile for the past eighteen days.  Only this smile is  bigger, more bold and more confident.  This smile is my soul shining and being truly happy.

Folks, this is me smiling.  =)


14 thoughts on “The Best Adventure Yet

  1. Welcome back to the states of lovely…but not as lovely as where you were, clearly.

    Glad it was such an amazing trip for you. May we all get to take a trip that awesome.

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