Europe in 140

I know you’re all waiting to hear stories about my trip.  It’s pretty apparent that I had the best time of my life.  But seeing how there are too many stories, mini adventures and anecdotes to share about my trip, I thought I give you a small glimpse of my trip each day while I slowly gather up my thoughts.

So here’s my Euro Tour 2009 Twitter style:

June 4: It’s finally hitting me that I’m backpacking Europe & doing it alone.  Scared, nervous & excited.  It’s going to be one heck of an adventure.

June 5: And so it begins. Was drinking @ 11am. Wandered Dublin w/o a clue w/ Karolina, Diego & Marina. Had an amazing time & excellent pints.

June 6: Lost debit card in Dublin airport. 1st setback but it’s not going to stop me.  In Leuven @ a student house of 5 ppl.  FYI I love Belgian beers

June 7: Bruges is beautiful.  Venice of the north.  Had some frites (which were amazing) & more Belgian beers.  I can see myself living in Belgium.

June 8: Booked Stella tour on wrong day. Went to oude markt instead & had more beers. Cooked dinner for my hosts. Sleeping in train station 2nite.

June 9: Train stn experience-priceless. In Rome & love it! After yrs of studying Latin/classics, finally able 2c the greatness of Rome & b a Roman

June 10: Saw Pope & could almost touch him.  Scavi tour & copula was amazing.  4gb card got corrupted, lost 3 days of pics.  Got drunk w/ hostel folks.

June 11: Wandered Rome, napped in Circus Maximus & went to Ostia.  Sistine Chapel was closed, boo!  Pope drove down the st where I’m staying.  Still =D

June 12: Frankfurt-Hahn is in bufu.  Love Frankfurt & German beer.  Napped on the river.  Met up w/ Regula.  Delightful convo w/ Azn girl & host.

June 13: ICE’d 2 Koln, met Bjorn, his gf, sis & bf.  Wandered Koln & had the best beer yet w/ apple strudel.  Went to countryside & ate @ El Paso

June 14: Autobahn’d it to 250 kph while going to Netherlands & HUGE German carnival. Biked along the beautiful countryside. Love it here.

June 15: In London, met a Russian from Vancouver.  Saw parts of London w/ him b4 exploring on my own.  Having Doctor Who flashbacks.  Host works @ BBC

June 16: Wandered London in search of Harry Potter & Doctor Who.  Relaxed on the Thames w/ a delicious pint.  Watched Big Ben as the sky turns dark.

June 17: Visited Jill in Cambridge & sneaked into St. James’ College.  Had a pint at the Eagle where we discovered that we’re just made of awesome

June 18: In Ireland w/ Mash driving on left side. Found out Blarney Stone was 150′ up in the air! Went 2 Galway & pub hopped for pints & Irish music

June 19: Don’t go to Kylemore. Drove to Cliffden, Cliffs of Moher, Ennis & back to Cork.  Almost died a few times. Ireland is very pretty & green.

June 20: Irish breakfast followed by Jameson & Guinness tour. Met up w/ Sonic & Karolina. Pub hopped.  Don’t remember much after that.

June 21: Left Europe still drunk (vs hung over).  Had a MAGNIFICENT adventure.  Still smiling like crazy.  Will do again.  Hello Chicago, I missed you


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