Dreaming in 140 or less

I don’t know about you, but recently I had a dream which consisted entirely of tweets.

Let me clarify.

This Twitter dream is the epitome of my nerdiness, 2.0-ness and my addiction to the Internets¹.  The dream does not consist of me tweeting the happenings of my life or my surroundings.   Oh no, it’s worse.  It would be even slightly acceptable if I was dreaming of something funny and say to myself, “I need to tweet about this.”  Sadly, there’s no hope for me.  No one I knew was present in my dream, but there were a cast of characters; up to 140 of them at a single time to be in fact.

Folks, I dreamt about twitter.   This dream consisted not of situations or random events.  This dream was purely of tweets.   That’s right, tweets.  Like this one:


For a whole night, random tweets would flash into my head.  I’m passed out in a deep REM sleep when a tweet would appear in my head, causing me to smile for a second, only to fade away as I return to my slumber.  Little nerdy?  Yes.   Okay, it’s very nerdy.  But what can I say?  When the Internets meets up and awesomeness occurs, how could we not share it to the world?  I mean, I was just replaying the weekend back in the most nerdy and yet socially acceptable way possible.   What else would you do after an epic weekend?


At least I didn’t tweet about this.  =P

¹ There is a difference between the Internet and the Internets.  The Internet is for porn, while the Internets is for awesomeness.


8 thoughts on “Dreaming in 140 or less

  1. I always think “how can I sell the moment I’m having in 140 characters?”
    Twitter has definitely made a more organized thinker.
    P.S. I LOVE Applegeeks (Lite & regular)

  2. i have a twitter account, but just haven’t caught on to the craze…im hoping it will just disappear if I ignore it long enough.

    and yes, this dream makes you incredibly nerdy…but its ok, we all have our issues : )

  3. I love the way Rachel M. put it: “how can I sell the moment I’m having in 140 characters?”

    My brain had gotten used to having a whole post to tell a story.

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