Reflecting on Magnificent, Epic and Wonderful

I know a lot of you dedicated readers are patiently waiting for me to summarize and share my magnificent backpacking trip in Europe last month.  There are more of you wanting to hear my side of the epic 20 Something Bloggers Ultimate Meet Up weekend.  And then there are a few of you wondering why I’m in DC, relaxing and having a wonderful time.

After any major event, we all are in a buzz and high from such an amazing experience.  We keep on thinking about it, reflecting on it and reliving it in our heads.  The problem is we reflect on it too long such that we forget to continue on with our lives.  Yes, we felt very alive during those amazing days, but life continues.  We forget that the awesomeness does not have to be isolated to a specific weekend.  What we need to do is bring the awesomeness into our everyday life.  Make each day as awesome, epic, wonderful and magnificent like the adventure we had together. We often forget to do this; to which the day after becomes mundane and dreaded.

The little joys of our lives become overshadowed by the big moments. We become so engulfed by the special times that even the little pleasures take a back seat.  To which, I say take a step back and live not in the past but live in the present; be alive!

After coming home from Europe, I was sad but I was also happy.  As magnificent as the trip was, I knew that when I came home, I would be different.  Europe made me alive. I knew Chicago is nothing compared to the adventures I had in Europe, but I also knew that I can feel alive in Chicago once again.  It’s not just finding little pieces of Europe in Chicago, but it’s about living and loving the place where you call home.  I have always loved Chicago, but come home from my backpacking journey, I’ve come to love Chicago more in a new way.  I’m no longer afraid to dance in the streets and show my joy.

Then comes the epic 20SB Meetup.  There are ample of blog posts about this weekend.  Yes, the weekend was amazing and all the posts truly reflect it.  However, as you read each posts, you can sense a little sadness that it ended.  But you can also see that every person took something away with them that was greater than the epicness of the weekend.   Besides the awesome swag bags, we left with new friendships, memories and most importantly, a sense for adventure.

And here I am in an Ethiopian coffee shop in DC.  I’m just relaxing and having a wonderful time hanging out with my DC friends.  Tonight, I will meet up with some DC bloggers.  As for the rest of the time here in DC, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m just going with the flow and let the adventure happen.  And that’s one thing I learned recently; even though the adventure of Europe and the 20SB Meetup are over, I know that the next adventure is just around the corner.  So here I am in DC on another adventure.  And when this is over, I know that the next one is just around the corner.

It’s okay to reflect and think about the amazing times of the past.  I’ll be walking down the street and a random memory would pop into my head, causing me to gleam with a large smile.  However, let’s not forget what’s happening now and live our lives with the awesomeness that each day brings.  The next adventure is just around the corner.  Until then, be alive!


11 thoughts on “Reflecting on Magnificent, Epic and Wonderful

  1. you’re so right. life’s joy doesn’t have to be so isolated… we just have to find ways to spread it throughout every day life.

    great post pham! 🙂

  2. I really envy your ability to go out and just let things happen. I’m not built to withstand that. I’ll always wonder ‘what if nothing happens, what if I’m bored, what if no one likes me, what if it’s a waste of time?” I can’t quite comprehend HOW things happen for you, but I’m glad they do.

    I love that bittersweet feeling of coming home after a trip. Especially after a trip that changes your life or makes you feel something. It’s sad but good.

    • No worries, it took me a long time to let go and just let things happen. I use to like being in control but that just made things miserable. I just stop caring and let things happen. It was the best decision of my life.

      Like right now, I have no idea where I am at in DC. I’m not lost but I’m also not where I should be. Oh well. It’s all part of the adventure. =)

  3. That is SUCH a great post, Phammy! And you’re right – after both Vegas and Chicago, I returned home on SUCH a high that left me a little sad as I came down from it. But the impact of both trips, of meeting the insanely amazing people I met, stays with me even when the sparkle of the weekends have passed. What a great reminder to keep the awesome.

    Keep the awesome, phammerpants. Until next time!

  4. You said it well phampants! It’s crazy how there is so much going on this summer for everyone – it makes us all appreciate and reflect in a different way. It makes at both challenging and interestIng to write about too!

  5. My heart hurts knowing I didn’t make it to Chicago. Reading about everyone’s traveling and meeting of people makes me happy and jealous.

    You guys inspire me in ways you don’t even understand.

  6. “What we need to do is bring the awesomeness into our everyday life.”

    I totally love that line and agree whole-heartedly! It’s so easy to get caught up in the everydayness of things. And going with the flow is always awesome! You never know what will happen, as you stated so well!

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  8. I’ve saved this post in my reader for a while, thinking it’d FINALLY be about your European adventure (which I didn’t want to skim over). But it wasn’t, and I’m not at all disappointed. You have a great point, and it’s something I only recently realized myself. I was always looking for the next trip, the next outting, something, instead of making my actual life more exciting.

    I’m glad I saved this post for so long and didn’t “mark as read.”

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