We’re All Just Normal People

When I was in DC, I was fortunate enough to meet wonderful DC bloggers such as FrancoBeans, LiLu, DCPrincessQ, Maxie, Deutlich, Alice’s Wonderland and others, not once, but twice.  Each time I hung out with them, I had a wonderful time (with hijinks ensued).

I’m not foreign to YouTube gatherings, tweetups and blogger meetups, but it’s always weird meeting someone you admire or heard about for the first time.  You just don’t know what to expect, how to act and how the person(s) you’re looking forward to meet would react to you.  It can be kind of nerve wrecking.  However, it was during one of my great conversation with FrancoBeans when he said, “We’re all just normal people.”

He’s right, we’re all just normal people with a web persona.  Often times we put our Internet followings into a higher standing because we admire them and look to them for their awesomeness.  Yet, we forget that they are just regular people just like us who likes to hang out, be friends and have a good time.

While I was hanging out with the famous DC bloggers, I couldn’t help but have FrancoBean’s words echo in my head.  “We’re all just normal people.” There they were, just hanging out and having a good time.  Not only I was with them, I was one of them.

I remember my first meetup/gathering; I was in awe meeting the Vlogbrothers for the first time.  I’ll admit it, they are my heroes.  They made it cool to be a nerd again.  It was through them that I was able to meet and become friends with Dr. Noise and Liz of SisterSalad.  Heck, Liz & I are working on a super secret project (nerdfighter reference FTW) for later on this year.  Never would I have thought that I would befriend these famous YouTube celebrities (or even have John Green buy me a beer).  And yet, they’re just normal people like you and I.

The #20sbchi meetup two weekends ago, I was able to meet these famous and amazing bloggers for the first time.  The awe was present among us, but we also realized that we’re just normal people that when together, creates an amazing bubble of awesomeness.  We were all just normal people having fun.

Now when I meet up with bloggers, twitterers, YouTubers and other Internet peeps for the first time (or even any time), I don’t worry too much anymore because know that they’re just normal people like me.   It’s not like the awe is gone, it’s just changed from meeting someone Internet famous to being awesome together.

Speaking of awesome, I wonder what NYC will bring…


21 thoughts on “We’re All Just Normal People

  1. 1. does that mean you are coming to NYC?!

    2. it always surprises me that people read my blog. really. like a few people that i didn’t know, walked right up to me and were like.. OMG RACHEL. and then i died. we are all just normal people and we are all amazing. i love it.


  2. seriously. i’m totally not famous. stop that.


    normal people. it’s crazy. the first time i REALLY experienced this was in chicago in january but that was with ONE person… june was like… WILD. i’m kind of jealous that you get to do so much more of this sort of thing than i do, but i’m definitely all in now. every chance i get. seriously.

  3. ohhhh are you coming to NYC meetup?!?! YAY!

    I know what you mean, I’ve missed EVERY SINGLE MEETUP and this ones happening because well, i’m planning it! I’m going to seriously be starstruck the whole time. Especially because some of my very favorites are coming!

  4. Yeah, what will NYC hold!? I hope I am here then! I might be out of town, but if I’m here I’ll be able to help out and meet-up with you again!

  5. Jealous of NYC! But at least I know we’ll be seeing each other around here in good ole Chicago. I seriously heart bloggers, like a lot, even if we are just normal people.

  6. We’re all normal people with a touch of awesome 😉

    It was GREAT to meet you (I still love that shirt!) and I cannot wait for New York.

    It shall be, as always, epic.

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