Where Did I Get This From?

So I’m currently packing as I prepare to move at the end of the month (I still haven’t signed a lease yet), when I came across quite a few interesting things that I forgot I own:

  • Crutches – Used them for an April fools day prank 1 year ago.  Definitely not mine.
  • Plaques – When my high school closed, I grabbed them to give to my classmates lest they get thrown out.  It’s been 2 years and I still have them.
  • A street sign – It was getting thrown out so I took it.  Never hung that sucker up after living in this apartment for 3 years.
  • An electric guitar case – I don’t own an electric guitar…unless my Guitar Hero guitar counts.
  • A brand new tennis racket – I don’t play tennis at all.
  • An “On the Air” sign – I thought it would be a cool thing to hang up.
  • A book dating back to 1920 – I thought it look pretty.

Yeah, I’m curious what else I’m going to dig up.


5 thoughts on “Where Did I Get This From?

  1. hahaha and now I’m sure you’ll hang up that sign and give the plaques away before or during your move!!! But this doesn’t sound bad at all. I am such a pack-rat. I keep EVERYTHING!

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