Euro Tour 09 – The Soundtrack

I honestly believe that every one of us has a soundtrack to our lives.  When you least expect it, a song would happen to play on your iPod, in a store, on the radio or by some street performer that touch and move you.  The song speaks to our mood, our soul and our heart.  It helps describe how and who we are at that moment in time.  The song is part of our living soundtrack.

During my trip to Europe, a lot of songs played on my iPod, but a few stood out.  These songs best captured my adventure.  And so, I share them with you now.  Listen to them this weekend and let it echo in your heart as it did in mine.  Then Monday I will begin to chronicle my Euro Tour 09 (ET09) for you with each song in mind.  Enjoy!  =)

Euro Tour 2009 Soundtrack

  1. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Frank, AB
  2. Joshua Radin – Brand New Day
  3. Erin McCarley – Pony (It’s OK)
  4. Rogue Wave – Harmonium
  5. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Edmonton
  6. Mika – Love Today
  7. Iron and Wine – Resurrection Fern
  8. The Decemberists – The Crane Wife, Part 3
  9. The Spinto Band – Oh, Mandy
  10. Patrick Watson – The Great Escape
  11. Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  12. Strada – Sun Song
  13. Rogue Wave – Chicago X 12
  14. Seabird – Stronger
  15. The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow
  16. Strada – Loved You All Along

Download them all here.


6 thoughts on “Euro Tour 09 – The Soundtrack

  1. A) I love this post. I love that I know and love some of this music and that I’ve never heard of some of the rest of it… it means I get to have high hopes for discovering new awesomeness.

    B) Try 🙂 It’s awesome.

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  3. How bad is it that I don’t know the majority of these songs? =/

    But you’re so very right. For many people, myself included, music plays a huge part in memory-making. It’s amazing how fitting certain tunes can be to specific thoughts.

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