A Quarter Century

This past year, I…

– went to one Blackhawks playoff game,

– survived two corporate moves,

– kissed three girls,

– ran in four races,

– attended five Internet gatherings,

– slept on six stranger’s couches,

– attended seven baseball games,

– traveled to eight different countries,

– watched nine consecutive episodes of Doctor Who in one sitting,

– went to ten concerts,

– lost in MarioKart to @mominreallife at least eleven times,

– attended a couple of weddings where the party lasted for twelve hours,

– ran thirteen miles because I could,

– flew on an airplane fourteen times,

– drank for fifteen consecutive hours,

– compiled a sixteen track mix of my European adventure,

– walked into the same door at least seventeen times at work,

– backpacked Europe for eighteen days.

– between YouTube, Twitter and blogging; I met nineteen Internet celebrities,

– traveled to at least twenty major cities and towns,

– created twenty-one YouTube videos for my channel,

– had a real breakfast no more than twenty-two times,

– went out of my way to visit/meet up with twenty-three of my closest & best friends,

– created twenty-four Facebook photo albums,

…and today, I turn twenty-five.ย  I wonder what this year is going to bring.

(Yeah, totally stole this from FreeandFlawed & MinD)


16 thoughts on “A Quarter Century

  1. Happy Birthday!

    And I’m jealous of you having made it to ten concerts. I got so busy this year, I had to back out of a few I had tickets for.

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