ET09: It’s Okay

This is a blog series about my European Tour 2009. Each blog post will have at least one song accompanied with it. Please read day 1 & day 2 before proceeding. If you haven’t downloaded the soundtrack for this blog series, please do so here.  Song to be played while reading this blog post:  Erin McCarley – Pony (It’s Ok).

Day 3.

Standing in front of a ticket kiosk at the center of Brussels Midi train station, I reached into my jacket to grab my wallet.  Nothing.  Curses!  My train is going to depart soon and I have so much crap in my deep pockets; I just need my wallet.  Digging deeper, I realized that I was getting nowhere.  “It must be in the other pocket.”  I began to search, but to no avail, it wasn’t there.

I paused.

“Could it be in my duffel bag?  Nah.”  I searched it anyways just in case.


My heart started to race.  I emptied my pockets in search for my wallet and debit card.

Wallet A – FOUND!

Wallet C – FOUND!

Wallet B…no where to be seen.


Standing alone in the middle of Brussels Midi, I looked around me.  The world was moving but I was standing still.  My heart skipped a beat.  I lost one of my wallets which held my debit card, drivers license and student ID.

“This was a bad idea,” I said to myself.  “I should have not embarked on this trip.  What was I thinking?”

That’s when it hit me, “John, it’s okay.”

I pulled myself aside, check all my pockets and unpacked my bag to make sure.  It was gone.  I proceeded to call the card company and took care what was needed.  Afterward, I evaluated my situation:  I had 350 Euros and 60 Pounds in cash for 15 days.  Not to mention, I still had my credit card.  I could do it.  I’m well traveled to know what to do and survive.  I just had to be creative.

Riding the train from Brussels to Leuven, I popped in my iPod as I watch the Belgian countryside pass me.  I couldn’t help laugh during the ride; I lost my debit card.  I’ve been to Europe four times, Australia, Vietnam and even New York City; I was fine.  This time? Yeah.  It’s just part of the adventure.

Arriving in Leuven, I got chills as I saw the famous Stella Artois town for the first time.  It was exactly how I always imagined a European town. The architecture, the colors, the people, the feel; it was beautiful.


I went across town towards the “gasthuisberg”, which I found out to be the hospital, to the place I was staying.  It was a student house of five Belgian university students: Lotte (my host), Staf, Annemie, Edward and Lieselotte.  Though Lotte and Lieselotte weren’t at home because of the elections, I was welcomed by Annemie, Staf and Edward; to which they said, “Welcome home.”


For the next three days, I called Belgium my home where I explored this wonderful beer loving country and had many, many great conversations with Staf, Annemie, Edward, Lotte & Lieselotte.  Even after losing my wallet, I gained so much more.  I was right, it was okay.

.:: On to Day 4 & 5


7 thoughts on “ET09: It’s Okay

  1. first – i can’t believe you lost your wallet. i would freak out! second – that’s awesome though because like you said it just teaches you that you’ll be okay and you can get through “problems”

  2. i think i’ve told you how much i like your playlist for your trip. but if i haven’t, i really, really do.

    and the famous Stella Artois town? jealous. so jealous.

  3. it wouldn’t have been nearly as much of an adventure if you didn’t have something disconcerting happen to you…glad it all turned out okay. i def would have freaked.

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