Blogger Scavenger Hunt: Chicago Edition

One of my favorite blogger, Dance to the Radio, was in need of a vacation.  So I proposed giving her  list of things to find in her town of Philadelphia; thus, giving her a mini-vacation and adventure while still at home.  To which, she asked if she could give me a list too.   Since when have I turned down an adventure?  Naturally, I accepted.

1.  Stand next to a famous blogger (because they’re all in Chicago).


FreeandFlawed & I

2. What makes the Windy City windy?


The politics.

3.  Twist & Shout.

Okay, I know I’m cheating on this one, but seriously, how could I out do this?
Besides, I need to pay homage to John Hughes.

4.  The Bean.


5.  A Chicago hipster.


Extra points for bikes & bad beard.

6.  Deep dish pizza.


Giordano’s deep dish, sausage & green peppers.

7.  A perfect brew.


Metropolis Coffee

8.  Favorite place.


My high school alma mater and my first job as director of technology & teacher.

9.  A place for beer enthusiasts.


The Hop Leaf

10.  What is unique about Chicago?


The breathtaking skyline.
I see this everyday on my way to work and it never gets old.


18 thoughts on “Blogger Scavenger Hunt: Chicago Edition

  1. I have to admit, I think Chicagoland’s skyline kicks Philadelphia’s skyline any night of the week! I’ll be in chi-town October 8-11th – let’s meet up for some brews!!!

    • I asked them if they were hipsters; to which they replied, “No.” It then dawned on my true hipsters do not label themselves as one. So I asked if I could take their pictures and they agreed.

      Hipsters are funny

  2. F’n stellar post, my friend. I love your city and promise I WILL return for another round of all this awesomeness.

    BTW this post explains your tweet the other day about hipsters? 😉

  3. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend some end of summer time. That first photo is priceless. And I can always get behind a post that incorporates coffee, quality beer, pizza and poking fun at hipsters.

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