Favorite Past Time

co f f ee

One of my favorite past time is to sit in a coffee shop for hours and hours.  I would always have at least a few cups of coffee, espresso or cappuccino while I people watch, read a book or my Google Reader, watch YouTube videos or blog.  It’s something that I fell in love with three years ago, when I found out that I was getting laid off (in 9 months time) and losing my dream job.  It became my escape.  Now, it’s something I do to relax.

Today, I’m sitting in Lakes Brewed Awakening, a very quaint coffee shop in Detroit Lakes, MN.  As much as I love going to my favorite coffee spots in Chicago, I also love exploring new coffee houses in the cities and towns that I travel.  Anyone can find a Starbucks, but not every person can find a coffee shop to call home when you’re traveling.

Ever found a coffee shop when traveling that makes you at home?


8 thoughts on “Favorite Past Time

  1. For the few months I spent in Chicago there was a place called “the map room” that I really dug. Also there was a caribou right next to my apartment so I spent a lot of time there, though I wish I could have found a great non-franchise coffee shop to become a regular at.

  2. I adore coffee shops, especially the small unique ones – as compared to chains like Starbucks. I don’t exactly drink coffee, but I have no problem ordering a big hot chocolate and sipping away while relaxing at a coffee shop.

  3. My friend Megan and I found this little coffee shop in China that we snuck off to one evening… It was perfect. Dim lights, dark brown leather seats and orange pillows… tiny little spoons… We were the only ones there.

    … I miss it…

  4. I am always surprised about how comfortable I am in coffee shops. I always expect to be completely out of my element, but it doesn’t happen. I need to go more often.

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