ET09: Love Today

This is a blog series about my European Tour 2009.  Each blog post will have at least one song accompanied with it. Please read day 1, 2, 3, 4-55.5 & 6-7 before proceeding. If you haven’t downloaded the soundtrack for this blog series, please do so here.  Song to be played while reading this blog post:  Mika – Love Today.

Day 8.

Standing in line for the Copula for the second time in two days, I could not help but display my frustration.  Not only did I lose 2.5 days worth of pictures, my 4 GB card was completely corrupted.  Thankfully, I brought backup cards but I was still distraught by the lost of the amazing pictures of the pope, the Coliseum, the Roman forum, pictures atop the Copula and the group picture of my hosts in Belgium.  I wanted to SCREAM!  And yet, I couldn’t.

Standing in that line, I broke out into a smile and fell in love again.  I’ve already been through so much on this trip, how could this be any worse?  Besides, where’s the fun in the adventure when nothing goes wrong?  I left the line, ran out of the Vatican and began to love today.

I walked along the Tiber River and continued onto my adventure.  There was so much more to see in Rome and I wanted to soak as much in before I left.  I’m on the trip of a lifetime and the best part is that I’m only half way done.  Here’s to fun, mishaps and the best time ever!  Oh, and I’m still smiling.


I found my way to the Pantheon.  It’s one of the oldest structures in the world; from a pagan temple to now a Catholic church.  As I walked into this ancient wonder, I couldn’t help but recall my Roman history.  Today was two days from the summer solstice and the light emanating from the dome was a mere foot from the entrance of the Pantheon.  Doctor would have been proud.  After the Pantheon, I ventured onto the Circus Maximus and found a secluded shady spot to escape the afternoon heat and further pondered the greatness of the Romans.

Circus Maximus Panorama
(this was where I sat & took a composite panoramic photo of the Circus Maximus)

Later that night, I was treated with the most amazing surprise of my life.  Let’s just say that it’s not every day that the Pope would literally drive down the street that you live, on the way to church.  Turns out that tonight was the feast of Corpus Christi and Papa was heading to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, just down the street from my hostel.  I guess he knew that I lost my awesome pictures yesterday, so he was kind enough to swing by for another photo shot.  Though I was not as close as I was last time, I couldn’t help but smile because in the end, everything would be alright as feel in love with each day.


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