Freak. Out. NOW!

Remember this?

Yeah, that was a month ago.  It’s 4 days until race day.  My confidence in that video is gone.  I’m totally freaking out now.

Like SERIOUSLY freaking out now.

Anxiety attack in 3…2…1…

freak out

It’s been a LONG running season.  This is the most I ran in like…well, ever.  And this Sunday, October 11th, I will run the furthest in my life.

Three years ago, I was among the million spectators cheering on the runners as my good friend and fellow housemate, Andy, ran the Chicago Marathon.  He was not a runner (there’s a reason why he called himself “Fat Hobbit”) nor had he ever ran before until one day in the spring of 2006, he decided to register for marathon.  Seeing him run the marathon really inspired me.


Three years ago today, on October 7, 2006, I said to myself, “When I turn 25, I will run the Chicago Marathon.”

Three years later, I’m only 4 days away from running my first marathon.

I trained long and hard (for the most part) for this and I know I can do this.  I may be nervous and freaking out because this is my first marathon ever.  But I know that I can do this.   I’ve done everything I can.  All I need now is to relax, smile and go for the ride.  I will be vlogging, tweeting and running the marathon.  Dear God, I’m running a marathon.  I’m going to hell and back.  I may be freaking out, but I’m very excited.  I honestly can’t wait until Sunday.

I’m ready.


12 thoughts on “Freak. Out. NOW!

  1. You should get someone to give you a pep talk the morning of. Some speech about how to be a champion. That always works for me, even when I’m just headed to the grocery store or something.

    But if you’re this close, you’ve basically already run this race. You’re so gonna do it on Sunday.

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