To See the World and Beyond

Today I’m in Seattle visiting a dear friend of mine in college.  Tomorrow, I will head to San Francisco on my 17th flight since June to visit two more friends, meet up with a fellow YouTuber and hopefully see my aunt.  Travel much?  Perhaps.  But I feel like I am not traveling enough.

Ashley is currently backpacking Europe.  Nicole is living a nomad life in New York City.  As for the lovely Doniree, well she’s quite the jet setter herself.  And let’s not forget the great Jennasaurus; let’s just say she’s on a mission from God.

All of us twenty-something year olds (and bloggers) are redefining what it means to travel and see the world.  It’s not just that we have the travel bug or a thirst to travel.  It’s that we are becoming the generation that no longer dreams about going places and seeing things.  We actually making our dreams a reality.  With the power of the Internet, URL friends and our own personal passions, we’re making the world even smaller.

My dad often dreamt about going to France but he has yet to act on it.   And even when the opportunity was upon him, he choose not to go.  There are even those in my own generation who always wanted to backpack Europe and had many chances to go (and with friends to travel with) but passed it by.  As for me, when I had my chance, I took it and I have yet to look back since.

Trust me, I’m not rich.  I work for a religious non-profit; which basically translate to me working almost for free.  However, my passion to see the world and willingness to be creative has made me fortunate enough to travel to 4 continents, 14 countries and 30 states in less than a decade.  And there is so much more that I haven’t seen yet!

I always dream about traveling around the world.  I will do more than dream about it.  I will make it happen.  I will see it.


8 thoughts on “To See the World and Beyond

  1. I think the most amazing development in all of this “20-something travel bug” is bloggers visiting other bloggers. All the meet-ups, the weekend visits, the random rendezvous — it’s transforming traveling and blogging and creating an incredible hybrid. I love it.

  2. Ummm… you better do it!

    Besides, you’ll have so much to blog about, you’ll have to write multiple posts per day.

    (Really! When I was in India, it was nonstop ‘the-complete-[F]’ing-opposite-of-writer’s-block’… just check the link above!)

  3. I love that you’re all over the place. I love that you’re not rich, but you make it work somehow, because you WANT it. It makes me feel like I can do the things I want, too.

  4. Omg I am so jealous, I want to be part of that group. I was just thinking today how I’m itching to travel somewhere, anywhere… but maybe my passion for travel isn’t as great as yours, because I can never afford anything, much less a flight.

    That being said, most of my money goes to my classroom. I need to stop that and start saving!

    • Be creative. That’s what my predecessor at the first Catholic school taught me when it came to making my TINY budget work. Needless to day, I applied it to real life and I couldn’t be happier. =D

  5. If I had more money – any money, really – I’d travel more, but I’ve been able to at least move about the East Coast a bit more than I ever thought possible. And it’s been great, even if not far.

    Some day I’ll get to all those places I want to visit, like California and Paris… For now, I vicariously live through you!

  6. “All of us twenty-something year olds (and bloggers) are redefining what it means to travel and see the world.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. One of the things on my Life List is to visit all 50 states before I die. Right now I’ve only seen about 15, but I still have a couple more to hit before the year’s end.

    I’m jealous that you’ve been to Australia! That’s high on my international travel list!

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