What if the Internet Never Existed?

– I would not have traveled as much.

– I would not have a blog/youtube channel that I consider an extension of myself

– I would not have made awesome friends

– I would be more shy on the phone

– I would be more shy in person

– I would not have been adventurous


10 thoughts on “What if the Internet Never Existed?

  1. If the internet never existed:
    -I would not have met my fiance
    -I would not have met my amazing friends here in chicago (including you!)
    -I would’ve never moved to Chicago in the first place.

    I could go on, but I think those are the major highlights of the list.

  2. I was about to post a blog about how life would be w/o the iphone lol but I didn’t get around to it. But I will though!

    Anyways how my life without the internet well I wouldn’t have gotten a job bc I e-mailed my friends and family my resume to help me find a job.

    I would not have a blog–it’s an extension of myself. I’ve been blogging ever since I was 16 years old starting from Xanga (ahahaa) where me and my friends and classmates would write about what’s up. It’s pretty interesting reading all about the same event in different perspectives you know. But then I used it to keep touch by posting pictures of where I been but then I stopped for a bit and stopped a little bit during between 3rd and 4th year of college. Now I blogged again after I graduated college just to get myself back again and show I did do something after I graduate.

  3. That is all so true! I would never have traveled or had such great adventures (as going to Chicago and California over the summer) if it weren’t for the internet.

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