20SB Blog Swap: Micaela of 5 Blondes

This is Micaela from Five Blondes guest blogging for Phampants. When I read his hilariously written guest post, I thought it was rather fitting because I, too, am a teacher. Well, I’m qualified to be one but it isn’t that easy here in Ontario! Right now I’m working as a barista (bane of my existence, really) but will hopefully have my own little classroom, or at least a supply teaching job soon enough.

In any case, I spent much of last year in teacher’s college in various schools for weeks at a time practice teaching. One grade seven class I was placed in had an especially difficult student. This boy would find out what annoyed you and then do it constantly. If you asked him a question in class he’d purposely give the wrong answer. If you used the overhead machine he’d always have his hands up blocking the words from view. So annoying, but he was actually very smart and did a lot of really funny things too, which my teaching partner and I had to do our best not to laugh at (which never worked.) Here’s one example.

Billy (name changed, of course): Look, I drew a picture of the devil.
Me: It looks more like a cat.
Billy (adds to the drawing): Would a cat have horns?
Me: That looks like the cat’s ears.
Billy (adds to the drawing): Would a cat have fire around him?
Me: That looks like the cat’s house.
Billy (adds to the drawing): Would a cat be saying “DIE!!!”?
Me: Hmm… no.


3 thoughts on “20SB Blog Swap: Micaela of 5 Blondes

  1. Lol! Too funny…. “hmmm… no.”

    Kids these days.. seriously. Sheesh. I’m a teacher too and sometimes the kids are just… yeah. Sometimes they make you smile but just once in a while I’d like to give them a little throttle. Just a little.

  2. Haha, aww. Very cute!

    Don’t worry about being a barista–I’m tending bar until I can find a position in my field. We do what we can, and you sound like you’re a great teacher.

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