Many Awesome Faces

Both Erini & Rachel paid tribute to an awesome friend of ours who will be leaving her beloved Chi-Town to head west for stardom work.  Today, it’s my turn to honor our dearly beloved friend.

::cues cheesy music::

The many awesome faces of FreeandFlawed





ice cream

“Om Nom Nom”


“Who swapped my iPhone w/ this piece of crap?”




“Om Nom Nom II”


“I am no Jenn.  Who is this Jenn you’re talking about?”


“Comic book Jenn”


I’m going to miss this girl.

Jenn, we’re going to miss you.  Just remember, not all Asians are alike.  Take care, write on glass & best wishes.  You’re going to be missed.


P.S.  Sorry for Facebook stalking you.


9 thoughts on “Many Awesome Faces

  1. Pham this is wonderful! I love the cheesy music! Nice touch with the song choice 🙂 I’m going to miss you oh so much! You better come visit me!

    P.S. Don’t leave the band!

  2. HAHA I like the Facebook stalking apology.

    And though I don’t understand the reference to me, I’m sure it wasn’t in a demeaning manner. Maybe. 😛

    Don’t you worry, @philleum will make sure to preserve Jenn’s awesomeness by shuffling her around LA County every chance we get.

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