People I Will Never Meet

Just recently Twitter rolled out their “lists” feature to everyone.  As people started to use it, I wasn’t surprised when I noticed that I was being grouped into the Chicago, bloggers and 20SB categories.  However, one list that I’m a part of really caught me off guard.  Heck, it made me laugh.

One of my followers threw me into the group “People I will never meet”.  Now I can understand that I’m in Chicago and that person is somewhere else in the world.  But let’s not forget, the world is a lot smaller than it use to be.  Additionally, if this person is a blogger (not yet confirmed), there still is a chance I can meet this person at a future meet up.

With all that being said, what made this list so hilarious was who I was grouped among.  I was put in the company of celebrities and movie stars.  Yes folks, I’m in the same class as John Stamos, Lance Armstrong, the Jonas Brothers and Ellen Degeneres.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a screenshot:


That’s right folks, apparently I’m a celebrity.  Anyone want my autograph?


12 thoughts on “People I Will Never Meet

  1. perhaps I should start a list for Chicago celebrities and put you & me in it.

    haha just kidding, that would be conceited of me. you can have your own list 🙂

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