How Would You Explain Social Media in One Word?

I was trying to explain to a friend about social media and it got me thinking.  How do you explain social media?  It’s such a wide and open definition that it’s almost impossible to explain and grasp all at once.  Social media itself is very dynamic; the mean of it keeps on changing each day.  What social media was 3 years ago is not necessarily what social media is now.  More importantly, social media has a different definition to each person.

How can we explain it and grasp its full meaning?  Any social media person can go on forever about social media.  It’s because we’re excited about it.  We have embraced it.  It’s part of our daily lives.  And most importantly, it’s something that we’re passionate about.  But how can we best explain to someone who don’t understand it?  And how can we keep our definition simple enough that will get others intrigue by it?  Instead of a long winded explanation, why not limit ourselves to our social media constraints.  But instead of 140 characters, let’s make it one word.

And so I asked.  What better way to ask than tweet out the question on Twitter?


Here are the answers that I have received:








My answer?  I have to agree w/ @doniree and say “community.”

How would you explain social media in one word?


6 thoughts on “How Would You Explain Social Media in One Word?

  1. Intertwined.

    I don’t know if we can put it in one word but intertwined is the one I think of. We are all intertwined that we don’t don’t where we are in the infinite cyber space. 🙂

  2. Disintegrating.

    Truthfully and honestly, while i do love blogging and feel i’ve made some awesome connections through it, i feel social media has played a big part in our lack of politeness in the real world. We don’t interact as much as we used to…we’re not as friendly anymore, not as personable…we’re constantly saying someone else out there in the social media world is more important than face-to-face interactions…

    ok, i’ll get off my soapbox now : )

  3. Seriously: noisy. (not the bad way!)

    Not-So-Seriously: clusterf***.

    It’s moving faster than our human psyche can handle. Those that are doing fine in social media, I believe they are highly evolved in the sociological sense. But there is oh, so much that need be learned before any person can just jump in.

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