ChartJackers – I Got Nothing

YouTube stars, Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon & JohnnyDurham19 are trying to hijack chart jack the UK Billboards with their single as they raise money for charity.   How are they going to do this?  By using YouTube and asking people to collaborate with them and spread the word.  Lyrics were written via the comments of YouTube then Tom Milsom arranged them.  YouTube auditions were held for band members and a producer was also selected via YouTube.  Finally, everyone joined in a collaborated in a literal interpretation of the lyrics.   Put it all together and this is what you get:

All proceeds will go to “Children in Need”.  Please support them.

Edit:  The BBC is doing a documentary on ChartJackers as they try to break the Billboard’s Top 40.

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7 thoughts on “ChartJackers – I Got Nothing

  1. When I saw your last entry was about the UK charts I thought “mine TOO!” so I had to leave you a comment. I love the BBC, especially when it comes to covering people’s endeavours to raise funds for Children in Need – it’s always so inspiring and the whole COUNTRY gets in on the action – there was an amazing documentary last year on a group’s efforts to climb Kilimanjaro which was just absolutely awe-inspiring. Good luck to these guys!!

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