Life is Beautiful

Sadden by the fact that I am done traveling for the year, I cannot complain about an easy relaxed weekend at home (minus a very damaging Target trip) for a change.  From June to October, I traveled outside of Illinois once a month visiting 7 countries and 5 states.  More impressively, I flew 19 times and visited 15 different airports in those 5 months.  As anxious as  I am to travel again, I am also sadden by the fact that this weekend’s Indianapolis trip fell through and next month’s Florida’s trip needed to be canceled.  Though, I can’t complain at all.

Since the beginning of the year, I was thirsting for adventure and long have I waited for the adventure to come to me.  But for a change, I decided to seek the adventure and took a chance.  Going into the unknown, unplanting myself and explore the world that I always dreamt about.  I have no regrets.

The lovely Renee reflected on how she traveled abroad when she was in college.

It forced me to put life in perspective. It forced me to see ME…ME in my truest, purest form.  And it forced me to make adjustments to be the ME that I wanted to BE. I became who I am thanks to five too short months that flew by much too quickly.

I cannot agree more.  These five months have been magical.  I was able to put myself in a new perspective.  Travel to places I always dreamed about.  Explored a culture that I could not even explain the language.  And I forced myself to make adjustments to be the person I wanted to become.  A spontaneous trip to New York City for a blogger meet up, visiting a dear friend in Minneasota and flying to Seattle & San Francisco to see friends who I haven’t seen in years.  I am thankful for those five months that changed everything.

And tonight, I’m sitting in my freshly cleaned (though not fully organized) apartment, relaxing for a change.  The thirst for adventure and travel is ever present.  But right now, I can just be here and not feel restless for a change.  There are many more adventures and trips in the horizon.  Tonight, my adventure is being alive at home because life is beautiful.


6 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful

  1. Amen, brotha!

    I’m glad I met you in NYC and then see you again in Chicago. Even though you’re the biggest dork I know (kidding…..kind of), you’re an awesome blogger/writer.

    But I still want to know what your favorite position is. Skiing? Volleyball?? Moguls??? Answer the question, damnit!


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