Christmas Presents for Bloggers

If you could give Christmas presents to your blogger friends, what would you get them?

Seeing how we’re in a recession and I have 39 people in my blog roll, I decided to randomize who I get to give presents.

The lucky winners are Chrissy is Awesome, Mom in Real Life, Nicopolitan, Rose Keane and This Wench.

Chrissy is Awesome

Chrissy was actually my first friend in college.  We took CS 125 together, where I slept (and snored) during the lecture and Chrissy took vigorous notes & was left still confused.  She wanted to suffocate me with her boobs (not kidding here) because I did better than her in class.  Fast forward to this past August at the #NYCMeetup, where I was able to hang out with Chrissy and just catch up since college.  It was that fateful hot August Sunday afternoon in New York City, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, me in my man-pris and Chrissy trying not to laugh at me, where we started to talk about blogging.  I knew then that Chrissy would return to the blogging world that she missed.

Now that Chrissy has returned to the World Wide Web, my next gift to her (the first being returning her to blogging) is get her to her first meetup ASAP.  No seriously, this girl is awesome and a riot.  She would only increase the awesomeness of blogger meetups tenfold.  We need to get her to one soon!

Mom in Real Life

Rachel, the most appropriate gift I could get you is renting a go-kart course and having your best Mario Kart buddies race you.  I’ll make sure to put item boxes on the course that we can pick up and throw at each other.  And no, you will not be immune from blue turtle shells.


Nico, you know as well as I do that the next time we’re together, it’s going to be insane.  That being said, VidCon2010.  Los Angeles. July 9-11.  We’re going to make a video to remember.  Get excited!

Rose Keane

I know you love Australia as much as I do.  What’s better than us hanging out, getting drunk (again & again) and take the tour of the Outback while riding kangaroos.  Huh?  Huh?  You know you want to.  And even if you don’t think it’s a good idea, you know that you want to see me try and get my ass kicked by a kangaroo.

This Wench

Erini, pick one.  Anyone.  Seriously.  Pick a boy* and he’s yours.

* Boy does not have to be pictured above.

So what would you give to your blogger friends for Christmas?


10 thoughts on “Christmas Presents for Bloggers

  1. HOW do you only have 35 people in your greader?!?!?!?! Mine has like THOUSANDS. OK maybe just hundreds but still. I’m like…in awe.

    I haven’t done any christmas cards or christmas shopping yet. Whoops!

    • I only have 39 on my blog roll on the side of the blog. In my reader, I have 166 subscriptions b/w bloggers, tech blogs, news blogs, & misc blogs.

      I constantly have about 300 things to read a day.

  2. HA!

    Thanks. 🙂

    You don’t like my adventures in dating 50+ boys? 😉 But um, I’ll let you know how things are going with this new guy. Cupcake and game date tomorrow!

  3. Even though you didn’t get me a present (recession, I understand) my gift to you would be…some sort of tech gadget that allows you to decipher girls’ thoughts so you would know what the XX chromosone half of society was thinking all the time…but it has an on/off switch so you only would have to hear thoughts when you actually wanted to. That way when we say “No don’t get us a gift” you actually hear “you better get me a damn gift you fucker.”

    You’re welcome.

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