Project for Awesome 2009

Happy December 17th!  Today is the 3rd annual Project for Awesome day!

What is the Project for Awesome?  It’s one day a year when nerdfighters and YouTubers work together to hijack the most discussed, top rated and most favorited page of YouTube.   How do we do that?  We use one thumbnail (see above) and make videos talking about our favorite charity.

Today is the Project for Awesome day.  If you see any videos with the thumbnail above, please watch the video, rate it (5 stars), comment it (multiple times) & favorite it.  Help use hijack YouTube and remove all the boobs on it as we decrease world suck by talking about our favorite charities.

Please, please help make it a success 3 years in a row.  This is all grass root efforts & volunteers who are doing this every year.  Still don’t believe me?  This is my YouTube subscription box as of 9:30 this morning:

Also, feel free to tweet about your favorite Project for Awesome video with this hashtag: #p4a

Below are some of hte #p4a videos already live:

Happy Project for Awesome Day!


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