My Baby

Now this folks is my baby:

This is my beer baby.  Isn’t she pretty?

Last night, I attempted home brewing for the first time with my best college buddy.  It still needs to ferment, bottled and take it’s delicious time to perfect.  It’ll be ready in about 10 weeks.  Sadly, those 10 weeks can’t come soon enough.

For those of you wondering, it’s a dunkel.  Though I haven’t named it yet.  Any suggestions?

On a side note, I’m still kinda loopy from all the bleach that was used to sterilized everything.


7 thoughts on “My Baby

  1. 10 weeks is a bloody long time to wait for a pint!

    i’d go wit a name thats foreign and very few can pronounce like arghttint (ok i made tht up but you get the jist am sure)

  2. Aww what a pretty beer baby. Much cuter than actual babies, which tend to all look like Ed Koch to me.

    And if my math serves me correctly (which it probably doesnt) it should be done right before St. Pats.

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