Top 10 Quotes for 2009

Here are my top ten quotes for 2009:

No. 10:

“Somehow I threw my remote at my computer.  I just wanted to turn down the volume.”

Chrissy G.

No. 9:

“Stupid Karen, in my head emails don’t count.”

Karen P.

No. 8:

“Suck my shell!”

Rachel M.

No. 7:

::watching “VD vs SAD“::
“Dammit Pham! I laughed multiple times.  You have to die . . .”

– Mark U.


– Pham

“You’re really getting good at these. (Yes, I complimented you.  I feel so dirty.)”

– Mark U.

No. 6:

“Ugh, I’m old.”

– Zibba D.

“Are your breasts sagging?”

– Pham

No. 5:

“I can’t decide what I want to see you more in; a bubble or wrapped in bubble wrap.”

– Pham

“That’s the most unsexy thing anyone has ever said to me.  Haha.  I love it!”

Jenn B.

No. 4:

::referencing tiger face text from #nycmeetup::
“You’re such a beautiful tiger.”


“When did I turn into a tiger?”


No. 3:

::talking about editing Amistad for teaching::
“I’m going to try to edit it and cut out the parts with penises.”

– Katie

“Wait what? You’re going to cut penises off?”

– Pham

“LOL! NO!”

– Katie

“I need to warn Mike!”

– Pham

No. 2:

“You are a bad influence.”

Andy B.

No. 1:

“You’re dead to me.”



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