Top 10 Posts of 2009

Here are the top 10 best/favorite blog posts I written in 2009:

No. 10:

April 1st – Mountain Dew Not

No. 9:

August 30th – Comcast Cares

No. 8:

July 8th – We’re All Just Normal People

No. 7:

September 15th – In One Month

No. 6:

October 15th – Chronicles of a Marathon: Chicago Marathon 2009

No. 5:

March 18th – Liquidated Damages

No. 4:

September 11th – Just Another Day

No. 3:

March 3rd – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

No. 2:

July 13th – Being Real & One’s Love

No. 1:

June 22nd – The Best Adventure Yet


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